I’ve worked with small businesses rural and urban, start-ups, international brands, marketing agencies, with the travel sector, publishing companies, financial institutions, medical companies, retailers online and off, photographers, artists, trusts, charities.

Clients, brands i have worked with: Duo Boots,,,, Zurich Rugby Sponsorship, The Natural Pharmacy, Navigators and general insurance,,, Yahoo, Rebel Angel Crystals,, Neem Tree Trust, Motesiczky Trust, 10 years+ with AM Digital, Associated Newspapers, Hartley Farm, EMI premiums, Buckelbury Farm Park,, Coke Cola,, Enfusion, This is London – Daily Mail, O magazine online, Duffyn Oaks Property Development, Songways, Snap in a Box, Wood fired ovens, Avon Frome Partnership, Bristol County Council, Going Places, Clear Cube Recruitment, BP mobil merger, BT, Faraday Lectures, Bradford and Bingley, Stroud and district Council rebranding, Johns Bikes and many many more.

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